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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rampage ~ Gripe ~ Diatribe

        I almost hesitate to probe into this next topic. Most all blogs are guilty of this at times, some more than others. After all a blog is personal territory. Consequently, it stands to reason that one's personal delimmas and angst will creep into the nursing dialog. Rampaging against long hours, inconsiderate co-workers, poor leadership and ridiculous patients and situations contribute to the diatribe. Is it any wonder that an occasional nursing conversation would consist of a gripe session?

       How does this contribute to our profession? Is it revelant? I say yes. If a nurse doesn't want to participate or feels uncomfortable with the conversation she can always visit elsewhere. However, for many it can be equated to the team spirit gained through sports participation. Although most nurses would probably argue it is more akin to the comraderie gained from the battlefield. Either way, commiserating can be healthy.

As I stated before most blogs contribute to this dialog at some time or other but today's featured blog is :
                                            Jo @ Head Nurse

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