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Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm ready for recess!


        Sorry for the lack of posts. Summer school is, well, quick! Midterms have passed and the final is June 28th! Working on my formal paper for this semester and I can not believe that I am saying this but APA format is finally getting a little easier. Ugh!

       I am in Community Health this semester and the funniest thing is that I didn't realize I am a community health nurse now?! Working at the Center for Pediatric Medicine we see NICU grads to seventeen year olds. Amazing. I have learned so much.

       OK, so back to the paper...I have decided to write about vaccine controversies. This has actually been a very interesting topic, perhaps I'll share some of the details later. For now, I best get back to work.

       Last update on school...graduate school here I come!!! Yay! I am Charleston Southern bound and I am so excited! I'll be working on my MSN in Nursing Education starting in August....combining the two things I love nursing and education!

       Finally, Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there. You are indispensible!!!!