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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Exploring Nursing Blogs ~ Welcome to Nurse's Watch...

        Alright here we go...Blogging and It's Relevancy for Nursing, this is what I would like to explore. I will try and do this by finding as many nurse blogs as I can and evaluating why they blog, the format they use, and the content and purpose of the blog. Can these ramblings and musings add to the profession?

       I know that some nurses blog to let off steam. Most have HIPPA statements. I personally have never read any account that had enough information attached which could compromise patient privacy. Although I personally know nurses who have been reprimanded for their Facebooks which included pictures at work involving a willing mother and child? Hmmmm...So can social networking and blogging be hazardous to your job...maybe. Many bloggers are anonymous and this could be why.

       A blog is probably preferable to a wiki in that no one but the blogger can change, edit or delete information....much safer.

       We will examine several nursing blogs and hopefully through our internet wanderings will discover what makes nurse bloggers tick! What does this medium have to offer the profession as a whole?

       I have started a new blog called Nurse's Watch for this purpose. Nurse's Watch will host a conversation on nursing blogs and their relevancy and purpose. The blogs which will be observed will be linked to this page. Feel free to tag along...

          I love the photo above. It is from a memorial dedicated to World War medical personnel located in Pittsburgh, PA. It is called Caduceus: Detail of Giuseppe Moretti's 1922 Bronze "Hygeia."