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Thursday, June 4, 2015


Are you ready for a little serendipity?

The other day as I contemplated yet another change in my life, my daughter reminded me about a poem I had given her. The story goes like this...

When I was pregnant with Carrie we discovered that she was breech. My original birth plan had involved a natural labor in a local birthing facility. This was potentially going to change our birthing plans significantly and I was facing a possible C-section.

While on vacation, I received encouragement from the Lord in the form of a poem on a card. I bought the card and framed it. Our baby Carrie turned around and was delivered in the birthing center, the rest is history... For years the poem served as a reminder that God's ways are perfect, that He is good, He is constant, active and present in our lives and His compassion is unfailing... I of course passed this framed poem on to Carrie when the time came.

During a recent conversation with Carrie, as I lamented life's ever constant changes, Carrie reminded me about the poem, "God Sends His Best to Those Who Leave the Choices Up to Him by Perry Tanksley (1985).

How serendipitous that long ago God used a baby girl to increase my faith. Now years later the same sweet girl is doing it again...


Is there anything more beautiful and reassuring than that?