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Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Letter to my students...

Well, after reading a letter to my professor, I felt it only fair if I added one addressed to the students. I am a fairly new instructor so I hope I am not yet jaded and can post things that will indeed help students and also may express how many instructors sometimes feel. So here goes, a little advice...

Students Please...

Believe it or not, I am on your side, however, I cannot help you if you don't tell me you are having trouble. Email, call or text as I have instructed you but don't wait until the due date of the assignment.

I am not an ogre. I do understand that emergencies happen but because some students have taken advantage of this, I now may require that you have proof of the 'ticket, death, or illness'; do not take it personal.

I do not have 'pets'. The students who participate are easier to engage in classroom discussions.

Teaching you takes a lot of preparation and time because nursing is changing everyday. Respect my investment in your future. Do not text, shop or visit Face Book in my class.

When you critique my class in student opinion polls offer constructive criticism that is relevant to teaching. I do read them. Complaining about my hair, face, wrinkles or clothes, does not contribute information which can help me be a better teacher.

I am less likely to be sympathetic to your failing grade if you did not attend study reviews, class, or turn in required work.

Writing a care plan by hand may be acceptable but only if I can read it! Neatness counts...

I cannot offer extra credit. This isn't fair to the other students. Also, believe it or not I too have missed an A by less than 0.5% of a point. I do know what it feels like and I'm sorry.

I love creative ideas that could help me in the classroom; technology is constantly changing and it is hard to keep up with it all. If you utilize something like Flashcards by StudyBlue, Evernote, or relevant YouTube videos please share; I appreciate this.

If you want to 'rate' me at that is fine just be truthful and kind, but please do not put a red chili pepper by my name, while I may be flattered, it's embarrassing.  

Remember the chain of command and follow it. Before you go to the Chancellor or Dean you must come to me first, otherwise they will simply dismiss you until you do. I may seem harsh due to years of dealing with various student attitudes but I will not bite your head off, I understand the courage approaching me may take, so I promise to try and respect your concerns. 

Come back to see us and share your adventures and successes with us. We are interested and proud; you are the future of the profession we love so much!

Lastly, remember that over and over in polls nurses are rated as one of the most trustworthy professions. Learning never ends. The patients' and families you care for trust that you know best, don't disappoint them.