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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Revolutionary Recruits ~ In union there is strength. ~ Aesop

       Some nursing blogs read much like lunch with a friend. Yes, this is a compliment. Reading these blogs and the comments that follow is like listening to the hum of collegues conversing. This blogging chitchat covers the trials of nursing school, jobs, and home life. The excitement, the trials, the insecurities, the holidays, paychecks, and long hours are lamented. The struggles innate in the profession are exposed, discussed and understood. The result is voices of encouragement.

       How revelant is this conversation? Is this sharing of ideas contributing to the profession? Yes, indeed, "in union there is strength." Commiserating together is human nature. Everyone likes to have friends support and encourage them, even online. Blogs which hold these conversations on life are below.

                                  Nursapalooza @

       Savor the discussion... The photograph above is by otisarchives3 at Flickr's Creative Commons. It pictures US Army nurses, 1st Reserve Hospital, Manila in the Spanish-American War. How exciting. What brave, young women.

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