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Sunday, May 2, 2010

He conquers who endures. ~Persius

       While visiting around the other night, I happened upon the doorstep of a quite inspiring soon-to-be nurse. He is currently finishing his BSN and his wife is a pediatric icu nurse. He has posted a piece called, Abstract Thinking. It is phenomenal! Here is an excerpt.

I bring a multi-disciplinary point of view that has always centered about pediatrics and holism. As an older student I bring life experience, world experience, parenting experience. I have seen things, done things, experienced things that help me to meet people where they are; to respect, if not understand different points of view. My previous clinical doctorate affords me the essential basic skills of assessment, diagnosis, and perhaps most importantly, critical thinking.

       This was written in an effort to obtain an externship. If he didn't get it, it is definitely their loss. Feel free to visit him at Nurse XY. You will be inspired, I promise!


  1. he didn't get the extern :( I was rooting for him.
    He sounds like a very good candidate....

    I like your blog! :)